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Who we are

Realityhexagon66 was born in 2017 from the need to wear protective and at the same time very comfortable trousers capable of not hindering any movement while we are riding our bikes and not. 

In mid-2017, the first true motorcycle leggings was born for outdoor use and not as underwear, protective, approved and without the need for internal anti-abrasive linings to be protective.

Thanks to the innovative nature of the garment and the fabrics, we hold a patent for an industrial invention and we are very proud of it.

The choice to produce our garments entirely in Italy:

we strongly believe in made in Italy, for this reason all our fabrics, protections and above all the processes such as the packaging are created and developed on the Italian territory. 

Customized service:

We are the only reality in Europe that totally creates the garment on the customers' measurements, creating the garment on their measurements and not modifying an already existing one. 

The made-to-measure service is also available for all our garments.

Quality and tailoring are the two factors that make our garments unique, created with purpose and passion.


designed by bikers for bikers

Abbigliamento moto uomo, biker. Biker wear


Fit, design and protection

Abbigliamento moto donna, body. Moto leggins

Sports Bodysuit

Quality and style

moto leggings, abbiglamento moto donna

The real motorcycle leggings

Your new favorite piece

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Biker girl, abbigliamento moto donna

Try our bespoke service

Products exclusively made in Italy

Try our bespoke service

Thus obtaining the perfect garment, created for you and on your measurements.

Our tailored, protective and approved garments

We create a garment directly on your measurements, a service valid on all our garments

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Biker wear, abbigliamento moto uomo
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