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Snug and super comfortable fit. Knee and hip protectors included in the garment.


Patentedthe combination of materials.No. 102017000147536 protective outer garment.

All the external fabrics of the garment are anti-abrasive, produced and developed specifically for our products in Italy; thanks to the highly high performance of our outer fabricsthe garment does not need any anti-abrasive liningadditional specification (such as Kevlar) to be anti-abrasive and/or protect.


Who knows us and has had the opportunity to tryour CUSTOMIZED serviceknows that ours is a true service oftailoring, we do not modify existing garments but themwe create and package from scratch on your measurements, thus creating unique garments on the measurements of our customers.

Thanks to the windproof and water-repellent membrane, the garment can be worn practically all year round.

The quilted hip band can be of different variations.

The knee pads and hip protectors both approved to EN 1621:2012they are always included in the chapter.


The pockets of the protectors are larger than necessary to allow the motociclista to position them in the best position, thanks to the fabric with a rubberized print the protector does not move. The protections must be inserted between the lycra and the rubberized fabric.

High and comfortable waist with a soft logo elastic.

All seams are tearproof and made up of three different passages to ensure maximum grip in the event of a fall.


Features  BIKER PA102:

  • comfortable fit;
  • padded anti-abrasive fabric on the side available in multiple variants;
  • windproof and waterproof membrane;
  • removable hip and knee protectors approved LEVEL 1 EN 1621-1:2012;
  • comfortable life;
  • triple rip-stop stitching;
  • approved EN17092:2020 CLASS AA;
  • no addition of anti-abrasive linings such as Kevlar, the fabrics are already anti-abrasive.


** CUSTOM SERVICE TERMS**           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ On the page SIZE CHART you will findALL the measures to take and how to take them. Once you send the measurementsor at the time of the order by writing them in the order notes or later by email at reporting the number of your purchase in the subject line,it will no longer be possible to change them.  The Return service is not applicable if the leggings correspond to the measurements sent to us.  Do not rush to send us the measurements, for any doubt contact us through our channels (social, mail, whatsapp) that we will help you take the measurements correctly.


Contact customer service at and we will follow you in customization of your leggings!


    For tailored leggings, take the following measurements: Circumference: waist - pelvis - thigh - knee - calf - ankle. Heights: Inside leg –  knee – waist/ankle –  navel/ crotch.

    For underwear, take the following measurements: Neck - breast - waist - pelvis - arm and wrist circumference. Arm length.

    For jackets take the following measurements: Neck circumference - breast - waist - pelvis - arm and wrist. Arm Length, Bust Length.


    Neck circumference: The base of the neck should be measured.

    Breast Circumference: It should be measured at its widest point. You will be able to take the height of the nipples as a reference point.

    Arm Muscle Circumference: It should be measured 2 centimeters from the armpit.

    Waist Circumference: It should be measured from the navel towards the groin.

    Hip circumference: It should be measured by taking their widest point as a reference.

    Thigh circumference: It should be measured inches from the groin.

    Knee circumference: It should be measured inches from the kneecap (upward).

    Calf circumference: It should be measured at  15cm from the kneecap (towards the ankle).

    Ankle circumference: It should be measured at the beginning of the malleolus.

    Inside leg length, yellow size: The inside leg length is the measurement that determines the length of your pants. Get the right value by measuring the inside leg at the beginning of the malleolus.

    Knee height, red line: The height from the beginning of the patella to the malleolus should be measured. We recommend taking this measurement with your leg bent so you can see the kneecap well.

    Waist Height- Malleolus, pink line: It should be measured on the side, from the waist to the malleolus.

    Waist height – crotch, light blue line: It should be measured centrally from the navel to the end of the groin.

    Boom length, green line: It should be measured from the base of the neck to the wrist, we recommend taking the measurement with the arm bent towards the front so as to take a more correct measurement.

    Height (if required): To measure your height correctly, stand up straight and measure from your head to the ball of your foot. To stand perfectly upright, lean against the wall and place a book over your head. This way you will be sure to measure your height correctly.


    NECK 37/42 38/43 39/44 40/45 44/46 S 76 S 80.5 S 66
    CHEST 78/88 88/98 98/108 108/118 118/128 M 78 M 82.5 M 68
    ARM MUSCLE 34.5/37.5 35.5/38.5 36.5/39/5 37.5/40.5 38.5/41.5 L 80 L 84 L 70
    WRIST 16.7/21 17.7/22 18.5/23 19.7/24 20.5/25 XL 82 XL 86 XL 72
    LIFE 69/76 76/83 83/90 90/97 96/103 XXL 83.5 XXL 88 XXL 74
    PELVIS 95/102 102/109 109/116 116/123 123/130  
    COSCA 44/51 51/58 58/65 65/72 72/79
    KNEE 29/35 35/42 42/49 49/56 56/63
    CALF 23/30 30/37 37/43 43/50 50/57
    ANKLE 30 33 36 37.5 39

    NB To take the measurements correctly, it is recommended to wear only underwear. Other clothing may alter the measurement. Remember that measurements must be taken in centimeters and that the measuring tape must always be kept straight.

    Are you in doubt about the size or do you have a particular physicality? Should we shorten the head?     

      NO PROBLEM!   Contact us at

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